The TV Screen

by Tiara
(New York)

It was late about 2:30am i was very tired but i had to stay up and watch this scary movie..and i sure hope this move is going to be good the movie was the ring i have never seen it, suddenly the phone rang i jumped about 10 feet off the couch i sighned ugg its only the phone i told myself, it was my best friend lisa...hello nicole are u there?? hahaha yeah im here..nicole are u watching the ring tonight?yeah y? could i come over and watch it with you? yeah come right over..ok be right there..ok

we hung up the phone i turend on the t.v and turned on the movie and i already made the pop corn...ding dong the door bell raing so i got up and ansered it..surely enough it was lisa the movie started 10 minutes after we sat down..well in the middle of the movie she wanted to turn it off and i agreed with her and we decided to prank call people for fun..

but when we were about to call people the ring came back on the t.v wich was werid because the t.v WAS off..and the girl was comeing out of the well..i shut off the t.v and turend to my friend and said how could that happen?

i don't know she said suddenly the lights went out and we both jumped,the front door opend and the little girl from the ring came in the house...AHHH me and lisa both sereamed and were about to run but we coulden't move..

the girl came tored us..the t.v was makeing a weird noise so i tured aroud to see my friend being pulled into the t.v i ran to help her but i was too late and the t.v had her blood poring out!!!!i was soo scared at this point i turnd back around and found myself in my basement...w-w-what hoe d-d-did i get down here??

i was really scared now not because i was in my basement but because i am now in the same room where my bffs dead body is and the girl from the ring is here and her hand was bloody and she spoke in a man like voice "your time is up nicole say your good byes haha" she had a knife in her hand and even before i could speak i was on the groned dead but i could still move and she droped the knife so i took this as a chance to kill her so i stabed her in the back and she fell to the ground luckly for me i did NOT die =]

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Oct 25, 2010
The TV Screen
by: South Harrison High School

How did she turn around if she could not move? Did you copy this off the movie "The Ring?"

Dec 13, 2009
if she was dead??
by: Anonymous

if you were dead how could you move and then live??

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