The Truth Hurts

by Jessica M.
(San Juan, TX)

Bessy was walking down the crowded hallway towards her homeroom. She couldn't help looking over her shoulder to see several girls pointing at her and giggling. She quickly ducked her head and ran inside the room. There have been rumors saying that Bessy was a fat, nerdy, teachers' pet and other horrible names she just couldn't describe.

She was always getting pushed around by other students and couldn't take it anymore. She was so angry she felt like she was ready to commit murder.

Bessy couldn't tell anybody about her childhood. That her house was haunted, and voices kept telling her to just kill herself and get it over with, but she didn't want to kill herself she wanted to kill Monica. She was the starter of these rumors and always picked on Bessy when she had the chance. Bessy knew when she was through with Monica she'd be on her knees begging for her life.

Bessy always wanted to do something bad. She was always the good girl, and now she was gonna kill an innocent person.

Bessy snuck into Monica's mansion unnoticed. Monica's parents were always out of town and Monica was always alone. Armed with a shotgun in her left hand and a kitchen knife in the other, she hid in Monica's walk-in closet. When monica came onto the room, Bessy slit one of her hands off. Blood came oozing down her wrists. Monica cried out in a plea. "Please don't kill me, I'm begging you!" Bessy shook her head and said, "the truth hurts, and the rumors end now." And with that Bessy slit Monica's throat.

Nobody ever found her body, and nobody has been the same. Now nobody tells Bessy anything anymore. The truth hurts and Bessy made a good point to that.

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