The Trip

by Lisa
(Ireland )

Beach Trip

Beach Trip

Normally scary stories happen on stormy nights, but not this one, this story happened on the hottest day of the year. 29 degrees and the beaches in south of Ireland saw the most people they had ever seen. The lines from the ice-cream vans snaked through the laughing crowds.

For the children of Kidren orphanage this was their holiday, a day trip to the beach. Every year it was a different beach. Some say it was a curse but ever year the trip was unsuccessful normally thanks to rain and wind. This year the orphanage was determined that the trip would be a success.

Until 3 o clock everything went well everyone had brought their swim suits and everyone was happy. What happened at 3 o clock you may ask? Well nobody really knows but I’ll try and tell you what has come to my ears.

Two small six year old boys were making a sandcastle by the sea. Ones name was Bobby and the other’s Jack. Bobby who had only recently come to the orphanage after his mother and father died in a car crash was quiet and had only clicked with Jack, Jack had never had any other home besides the orphanage and had only ever had one friend before Bobby, little Billy Daly.

When the head of the trip, Linda, noticed the two boys alone so close to the sea she called to them to come back but the laughing and shouting of the crowd on the beach drowned out her voice and her pleas failed to reach the boys. Then she was interrupted by another little girl asking for an ice-cream. When she looked back again the little boys were gone. The boys were never seen again.

What happened to Bobby and Jack? Were they swept away by the sea or were they taken unnoticed by some stranger from the crowd. Nobody ever found out. Once more the Kidren day trip was a disaster.

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Jan 16, 2009
Pretty good
by: Anonymous

That was pretty good. Keep working on it.

Nov 27, 2007
by: Anonymous

weird story it was ok

Nov 04, 2007
That was Brilliant!!!!
by: Anonymous

That was really good, great story!!! I wonder where they went. Thank so much for a great story!!!!!

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