The thing

(San Antonio)

The day started off how any day would go. We woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and went to my grandma's. The only thing that was different was that my grandma wasn't there. We were told that we had to stay here alone for a while until my grandma got back.

It was first Friday so my parents restaurant would be pretty busy and they wouldn't be home until later. My mom said that if my grandma wasn't back before night time we had to lock all the doors, close all the windows tight, and most importantly, stay inside. We tried to ask why but she just said she's late and had to go.

After she left my brother, sister and I went through the day regularly until the sun set and my grandma still wasn't home. We followed the instuctions and we thought we did pretty well until we saw one more window open. We thought my mom was just trying to scare us so we just left it open so more air would get inside.

We were just watching tv when all of a sudden we heard a crash and followed by it my brother's screams. We ran to him. Just then the lights went off. We thought he was trying to scare us so we just walked right in, then I stepped in something wet and warm. I thought my brother spilled something so I just walked passed it. Through the same window that was open, the moon-light shon, and on my foot I saw blood... my brother's blood.

When I turned around to tell my sister, all I saw were bright red glowing eyes staring straight back at me.

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