The Thing

by matthew hageman
(Uxbridge Ontario)

It was Halloween night and Colin, James, Matt and Callen were going out Trick-or-Treating for their last time. The boys were all going as hunchbacks, so people handing out candy didn't think they were too old. Matt was in Grade 8, Callen and James were in Grade 9 and Colin was in Grade 11. The teenagers wore masks over their faces so their neighbours didn't know who they were.

At about 6:30 it was getting dark so they decided to start Trick-or-Treating. An hour later their candy bags were full so they went back to their house to drop them off. The hunchbacks dumped their bags at their house and ate some of the candy. “Let's go around and fill our bags one more time” said James excitedly! This time they brought two bags, and by the time the bags were full, people were giving them dirty looks because it was so late.

When the boys got home they had to be really quiet because their parents were already asleep. The boys had eaten a lot of candy so they were really hyper and decided to go to the park behind their house. After writing a note for their parents, and deciding that they wouldn't bring flashlights to make it more fun, they left for the park.

The teens went on the swings for a while and talk about random stuff. After a while they got bored and decided to start a game of tag. Colin was it for tag so the others ran away. Since it was pitch black out it was really hard for Colin to fine the other guys. SNAP, Colin heard a branch of a tree break close behind him. He ran over to see if anyone was there. He felt someone and grabbed them. This is weird Colin thought as he felt something really hairy. The Thing grabbed Colin, and as he tried to scream for help, it bit him in the neck.

The other three heard his scream and wondered what had happened. They ran over to where they had heard the scream from. As they got there Matt tripped on something hard, and landed in something wet. Matt, who liked to taste anything, tasted the wet substance on the ground. “This tastes like blood!” screamed Matt. Still feeling around he felt the thing that he tripped on. He could tell it wasn't a stick because it was to hard. “This must be one of Colin's bones!” yelled Matt, who was more scared then he had ever been in his life. Matt turned around wondering why Callen and James weren't saying anything, but they were gone.

Now Matt was freaking out. He couldn't tell if this was a practical joke or not so he just decided to go home. When he was about halfway home he started hearing footsteps behind him. He started running, hoping that was just a prank. He knew he would never stop getting teased about it if it was a prank, but he didn't want to take the risk. His house was getting closer but still felt like it was far away.

The footsteps behind him were getting louder but he didn't dare to look back. BANG, he ran right into the garbage can at the end of the walkway and fell over. The thing behind him jumped onto him and stopped him as he tried to scream. Before he had time to push it off, it bit into his neck. He knew he was going to die now. He was losing the feelings in his legs. Matt's body started to shake violently. Matt's last thought was What is this thing before his heat stopped.

The next day the teens parents couldn't find the boys. They saw the kids note that they were at the park, so they went to find them. After looking for their kids at the park for over an hour they decided to go somewhere else . They were about to leave when they saw something red and white by the big tree. They ran over and leaned over to see what it was on the ground. SNAP, a branch broke above the parents. As they looked up The Thing jumped at them...

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