The Thing

by Brandon

You know that feeling you get when someone or something is watching you? Well that was the feeling Bobby was getting while talking on the phone before bed. He was talking to his girlfriend, when he started to feel like someone was in his room with him. He started to think, while his girlfriend was rambling on, about an old story about how “the thing” would sneak into rooms and kill people because on Friday the 13th. Well, guess what the date was, Friday the 13th!

Bobby started to get scared, so he quickly jumped up and turned on his light, but he saw nothing. So he figured that he was just over reacting. But he started to feel it again, this time he could hear someone breathing. So he asked if someone was there, but no answer. He got up and tried opening his door, but had no success; something was blocking it. The lights turned on suddenly.

He was speachless when he saw a something that could almost be human standing there, it was about five foot ten inches tall, wearing ripped jeans and a blood covered white sleaveless shirt looking down with hair touching the floor. It slowly looked up; his eyes were red, mouth-sewn shut, and blood all over his face and clothes. Bobby’s girlfriend kept asking if he was there, but he couldn’t answer. Finally he screamed, as the thing was trying to open his mouth to talk, blood rushing out of the holes. The thing finally said something; “I’ve been watching you, waiting for the right time”. Bobby screamed as the thing pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the abdomen, and ever so slowly moving the knife up, cutting him slowly, breaking each rib one by one, killing him. The thing got on the phone and in a crackly voice said “your next”.

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Oct 03, 2009
pretty good
by: Anonymous

i thought it was pretty good. it needs a better title though, and the monster should have a better name... the thing just sounds lame..... but other than that i liked the story!!!

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