The Thing

by Sofiya

There was once a girl that was 16 turning 17 soon. She and her friend decided to go on a double date together. She wanted to go someplace thrilling and exciting so they drove to cry baby bridge.

As they drove at night around 8:50 p.m. they heard a thump...and the car stopped. They were stuck in the middle of the road at night. The girl's friend said "Great so what are we gonna do now? "The girl answered "Calm down I'll just call my parents."

Then they heard a rustling in the bushes, the girls thought it was just some type of animal. The rustling came again from the other side of the road. The girls started to get uncomfortable and went back in the car and started chatting with their boyfriend's to be distracted.

Then they saw a bloody hand appear out of nowhere and slam on to the window of the car! They shrieked in terror, something jumped on the car and started clawing it then after a couple of seconds the noise was gone.

One of the girl's boyfriends came out to see what it was, he stood there for a little while then something attacked him and dragged him into the tall bushes. He screamed for help but everyone was to terrified to help him. The 2 girls and 1 boy were sitting there wondering what just happend.

The clawing came back and ripped open the car roof and the thing started eating their insides out, it left satisfied and after 2 days a 35 year old man was driving down that same road... and his car stopped.

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