The Thing

by Taylor P.
(Imlay City, MI, U.S.A.)

The Scary Woods In Day Time

The Scary Woods In Day Time

The wind blew through the trees, creating an all too familiar whistling noise. It scared Kim because that howling sound fit the description of any scary movie or story she had ever heard.

Whenever a scary part was coming up, or some one was about to get killed, the howling wind was guaranteed to be mentioned. This frightened her, so she quickened her pace, and jogged to the front door of old house she knew. She knocked timidly and waited for someone to answer. As she stood there, her adrenalin caused her to look over her shoulder and become increasingly aware of everything around her. She strained tensely to listen. Is that a foot step? Is there someone behind her? Was that a twig breaking in the woods? Would some one please answer the door? The door knob turned and the smiling face of Mrs. Palmer opened the door.

Knowing the kids before hand, no introductions had to be made. Kim lived next door to the Palmer kids practically their whole lives. The oldest daughter of George and Martha Palmer was Lorelei. Aurora was the younger sister. Kim herself was an only child but felt perfectly able to handle 2 children for $100 over night.

Once the parents had gone briefly over the rules and the strict bed time of 8:30, they left.

Having put all 5 children to bed, Kim sat at the window, looking at the stars and the dark clouds creep slowly over the moon. She watched the trees dance in the wind, it seemed, almost to their own rhythm. The house was surrounded by the woods. Deep and lonely, dark and frightening. Kim had never felt so alone, so in the middle of no where... so vulnerable.

After watching a scary movie, before coming to the Palmer's home, she was feeling exceptionally jumpy. She finally started to calm down, when she noticed something. Something faint, and moving. Something moving fast. Her heart jumped when she could barely see a figure running towards the house from the woods. It looked human, but it was night and whatever it was moved too fast to be human. Barely able to move, she watched the thing get closer, and closer. The only thing allowing her to keep track of it was the dim moonlight, shining on the long lawn that stretched to the edge of the woods.

In horror, she reached for the phone and dialed 911.

"Hello, what is your emergency?" A voice asked.
"Yes, Hello? My name is Kim Johnson and there is someone outside my house, well not my house, I'm baby sitting the Palmer children on 212 Lake Road." Kim fumbled her words.

She looked up and searched the wide lawn for the thing, but couldn't find it.

"Hello, Kim? Are you there?"
"Yes, I'm here. Whatever it was, it's gone."
"Will you be alright?"
"Yes, I guess I was just seeing things. I was watching a scary movie earlier and... well I guess I frightened myself." Kim apologized.

"Well, if you really did see someone, and they bother you again, call back and we'll send someone out there for you." "That would be great. Thank you."

Kim walked back to the kitchen to hang up the phone on the receiver. She laughed at how dumb she had been to fool herself like that. Letting her eyes play tricks on her. What was she, 2?

She looked up, and stopped dead in her tracks. There it was. Right were she had been sitting, on the other side of the glass, staring in. It had no eyelids and glared at her with bloodshot eyes. It's mouth had been sewn shut, but obviously the creature had forced it open and it bled. It had human features, but they were decomposing and disgusting. It's skin was rotting away and peeling off. It had a putrid smell of death eluminating from it. It was awful and menacing looking.

It scratched at the window with one hand with yellowed, broken fingernails, like an animal, as if it wanted in. Kim screamed but couldn't move, couldn't look away. The creature opened it's mouth and let out a very breathy sigh. It's voice was raspy, and unforgettable.

"I am the wind, blowing through the trees. I am your mother calling you for breakfast. I am the moon shining at night. I am everywhere, watching you. You cannot escape me. There is no way out. Give me the children, and I will leave you alone until I am hungry again in the morning."

The little hair it had was dark and coarse. It fell over it's face which made it even more threatening looking.

Some how Kim found the courage to speak to it. After all, she couldn't run to the phone. She didn't know how strong this thing was and although the doors were locked, the windows could break.

"Okay, I will get the children." She said, trying to buy time.

Afraid to trust the thing and turn her back on it, she backed up to the stairs and ran up them. She turned into the children's room, and woke them up.

Kim is now 35 and in a mental institution. She claims that this story is true and that the children were taken from the home by "the thing". Not kidnapped by normal human beings, like the missing person's ad had stated. The kids were never found, and for some reason, Kim (ever since she was admitted into the hospital) has been ranting on and on about how "the thing" is going to get her.

She says it is outside her window every night, hungry, and watching. Although her window is covered up, she says she can still hear its voice, whispering to her. Telling her it is everywhere. Telling her the minute she is let out, or alone with an open window. It will find her.

Kim was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She has been given medicine for her hallucinations, but for some reason, they just aren't working. It's as if, maybe, it's really there. Waiting. Hungry. If it doesn't get Kim, maybe it will find someone else.

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Jul 15, 2009
by: Vanessa

hey this is really creepy. gosh. its a lil dark wher i liv n i wz alone in the room wen i read it so i got a lil scared.[ also my brother couldnt find my mom anywher! YIKES!!]

May 21, 2009
From the Writer
by: Taylor

Thanks so much you guys, I really appreciate it! I wrote another for you Connor, It' not as good,but for now it's better than nothing. If you want, I can keep writing. Thanks so much. I appreciate it!

The new one i wrote is called
for connor g.: Sara's piano

May 20, 2009
by: diiana

I would have never made a story as good as this one. Really I got so scared... because I cant escape it :P lol

Jan 11, 2009
Wow...finally a scary story...
by: Alexis

Wow...this is almost as good as Twilight!!!!Wich is good....I love the ending!!!!

Jan 09, 2009
extremeley scary
by: Connor Garlington

I could not fall asleep i couldn't stop thinking about it i was insanely afraid. it was my favorite story ever make another please

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