The syringe

by Connor



One cold night in a hospital there was a young girl who had rabies. she also was horribly afraid of needles used for shots other whys known as syringes.

One night she had to get a rabies shot. she would not stop resisting so that night the nurse had to order five more nurses to hold her down while they inject her with the rabies shot. she cried and screamed for them to stop but they didn't.

The next night the nurse who injected her heard a scream from the girls bedroom so she ran to her. when she arrived at the door she cautiously approached it and creaked it open suddenly she had a beautiful feeling like a song running down her spine it was a hopeful wonderful memorizing feeling.

she closed the door unthinkingly and pranced down the hallway in happiness. she went back to the nurses lounge and slouched down on the couch an turned on the T.V.

After about one horrible hour she heard another scream it was mind chilling and like a squeal she ran back to the girls room and opened the door. she saw a bag with powder and a murdered girl with a syringe in her throat. she screamed and ran to the security officer. when he saw the girl he called the police.

2 hours later the police ran in the room and saw the powder and the girl dead laying on the bed. they inspected the powder found that that was a substance that could put people into a euphoric state of happiness. they said that that must've been the cause of her happiness

that night she heard a scream from the empty room. she slowly walked over afraid, but courageous. as she walked in the room she saw a man with a cheap obviously fake mask of Mr. rogers which made him extremely frightening. the man walked toward her and took out a syringe and slowly stabbed it into her spine creating her alive but totally paralyzed but in horrible pain. they buried her alive and she died a horrible death.

They say if you stay in that very room in that very hospital the man will come and do the same as he did to her. now are you afraid of shots?

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