The Sweater

by Julius Iraola
(Delano California)

There once was a guy who had a lot of work. We had so much work that he never had time to hang out and relax. Then one of his friends asked him to go to his party. “I’ll think about it,” he said. Days had passed and he thought he should have a day off, so he decided to go to the party.

On the day of the party, while he was on his way, he saw this beautiful young lady who happened to be going the same way he was. He stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride. They were staring at each other for a while and finally she replied,” I would love to.” So they went to the party and had a good time.

They sat down and the girl was getting cold, so he offered his sweater to keep her warm. Later that night, the guy wanted to go home because he needed to rest for work tomorrow. The young lady went with him. A few minutes later they were by a dark street filled with dead trees. The lady said, ”You can drop me off here because I live by the house over there.”

A while later, he was home and he was thinking of the beautiful lady he had met. Then he remembered his sweater that he had lent to her. He went back to the lady’s house to ask for his sweater. The lady’s father answered the door, and he was dressed in black. The father asked what the guy wanted and the guy replied with,” I lent your daughter my sweater. May I have it back?” The father was silent after hearing the question, then a while later he said to go with him in the back yard.

The guy followed him to the back and was surprised because he saw a coffin. “Who died,” he asked and the father sadly replied. The guy was surprised about the answer.

He got closer and saw a picture of the very same lady he had gone with to his friend’s party. And guess what else he found on her? That’s right, his sweater!

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Apr 14, 2009
by: Question

I agree with Anonymous you needed to explain how the girl died. It was still a great story!

Mar 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

sorry i just want to know how she died? this was a good story but I wish you could have explained a little bit more

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