The Stranger in the Woods

by Jacob
(United States)

After being incarcerated for 17 years, Tommie Carpenter, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was locked up since the age of 10). Tommie returns to Memville, where he is in search for his baby sister, Ashley.

It was an extremely windy night in 1992, in the town of Memville when, Ashley was coming home from a Halloween party with her friends, Chris, Paul, and John. They were walking down the street about two miles away from Chris's house when, they noticed someone was following them. They didn't think much of the person so they continued walking.

Chris, (Ashley's boyfriend) stopped at the corner, when he remembered he forgot his cell phone at the party. They began walking back to the party when Paul looked back and the person was still following them. Paul told his friends but they didn't believe him. So, they continued walking to the party, when out of nowhere, Paul was struck with a large branch by the person following them.

Everyone was shocked; Ashley and John began running, while Chris and Paul were left trying to fight the stranger. The stranger severely beat Paul until he broke loose of the stranger's grasp. Chris found a couple of large rocks that he threw at the stranger. The first missed horribly, the next few rocks hit the guy but it had little effect. Suddenly, a sheriff's car arrived at the scene. In the back seat of the car were John and Ashley. They sat while the sheriff politely told the stranger to put his weapon down and place his hands over his head. To their dismay, the stranger ran over to the sheriff and knocked the gun out of his hand, and took him into the woods.

No one knows what happened to the sheriff that night but the four teenagers' bodies were found in an abandoned house in the woods.

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