The Stalking Clown

by J-Lo
(South Gate)

clown muahahahha i see u!

clown muahahahha i see u!

one day i was coming from school when i got a text message sayin "forward this chain letter or i will be stalking you all day until night comes" ..while i was laughing ,i was deleting the message thinking it was stupid.A S i was walking alone i got the chills on my back as if i was being watched.

i turned to check if their was any students around but i was completly ALONE. when i turned back around i thought someone was standing and staring at me with a knife in itz hand. 10 seconds later i got a text message saying.. "im watching you".........i got scared

I quickly walked faster and faster...and put my hoodie on and ran i ran ..i got another text saying..........
"dont run their is no turning back muahahahah...i can see you weariing a hoodie"..................i took it off and ran it was like 6:00 bcuz i had barely came back from a 2:00hour detention.............

when i finally arived at home and locked the doors i ran to the living room to see where my mom was......i went to the kitchen to see she left me home alone to go at a party.

i tryed to forget about that clown so i left to see late night t.v.............i got the chiils when someone was knocking on the door ...i opened it thinking it was my mother...but their was noone their...i ran to my room and locked it...i ran in my closet to hhide bcause i was soo scared that the chain letter was real.

sooon when i got less scared i went out to see if my mother came bcause i heard the car ..i left to the living room and saw my mom laying on the floor dead with her neck sliced open.i also saw her skin peeled off with no eyes .

i tryed to leave but i was stuck i decided to look for that chain letter and forward it ...i saw it but before i can forward it i look up to see a clown with sharp teeth and red hair with a knife in itz hand saying ...."i told you i would find you "..

2 weeks with out going to school her freinds decide to go to her house ....they open the dooor and walk slowly to her room ..........5 minutes later they see her hanged with a rope with no skin or eyes.......her freinds got scared and one screamed..another freind called the police...they found a note stuck to her back with a needle saying .."forward those messages or i will come by to see youe -pennywise"

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