The Stalker

by Lone Girl



Once upon a time a girl named Sarah was walking home from school. Her long blond hair blew behind her. She was in high school, and she was what every one called, "a fraidee cat." She was always so jumpy, and afraid of everything. This was because when she was 12 years old she hid in a closet and had to witness a huge man murdering her father, and brother. It was a horrible sight, worse then a slaughter. And the man kept chanting, "where's my baby, Sarah. What have you done with my sweet Sarah!" But that was about 5 years ago.

Sarah continued home and took the same path as always down the road. Sarah was almost home when some one grabbed her by the hair, and kept pulling her hair. Sarah screamed, and struggled. When she finally got free she whipped around and looked for who had done this. She giggled to herself. It was only a tree branch! "Whew," she sighed. "More jumpy then usual I guess."

She continued home not noticing the figure in the forest staring right at her. Sarah opened her front door and saw her mom sitting at the table paying bills. Tapping her pencil really hard. Her mom shouted and jumped out of her chair. She ran to Sarah, and threw her arms around her. "You're 3 minutes and 23 seconds late!" she repeated herself about four times, and hugged her daughter tightly.

Ever since the incident. Her mother Haley, had gone pretty much insane, and always kept a close eye on Sarah. She hated to even let her 17 year old daughter go to school. But after 5 years, she knew she could not keep her daughter cooped up for ever. After all tomorrow was Sarah's 18th birthday, and she would be an adult.

Her mother continued to hold her. Then Sarah apologized, and told her about the tree branch. Her mother smiled, and went back to paying bills. Sarah climbed the never ending steps that led to the top floor of her house, and plopped down on her bed. She put her stuff away, and walked to her closet. Then a tall muscular man pushed his hand over her mouth, and eyes and she almost screamed!

"Bobby! What are you doing in my room." She giggled at her handsome boy friend. "How did you even get in?" She smacked him with a pillow. They kissed each other for what seemed like forever, then she playfully pushed him. He had done this, showing up in her house and kissing her. After about 10 times you would think she was use to it. She wasn't.

"Can't wait till your birthday party tomorrow babe." he whispered as he climbed out the window. She smiled an leaned against the wall biting her lip. She nearly jumped out of her clothes when her mom knocked on the door.

"Hey sweetie, I'm going to pick up my check. I'll pick up your cake and be home around 10:30. You gonna be OK here alone for about 3 hours?" She smiled, and agreed. Her mom was leaving so she ran down stairs to watch TV.

Her mother never let her watch scary movies. So, she would watch them when her mother was away. She sat there watching the show with a strange feeling she was being watched. She looked out the window, and noticed a shadow move across the yard. She yelped and checked the doors. She sank into her couch with the phone in her hand. She called the police, and they agreed to send a patrol car.

She got lost in the movie again. Then she glanced back at the window and the figure was about 2 inches from the window. She screamed and the figure disappeared. "whew, just my imagination."

She glanced at the clock reading 10:31. Her mother would be home any minute now, so she breathed a sigh of relief. She went up to her room and turned on the light. She lay back on her bed and began drawing in her diary. Little hearts that surrounded Bobby's name. She went to put away her diary in the closet, when those muscular arms grabbed her and covered her eyes.

"Bobby! I thought you left." she giggled. Then she kissed him sweetly. When she did this she knew, these weren't the same lips, she had kissed earlier. She began to scream as the big man covered her mouth.

"It's OK baby, I'm here for you." A masked man whispered as his hand quickly went from her eyes to her mouth. "Now tomorrow is your birthday, and we can finally be together. No one can keep us apart... No one!" he shouted. "Now be a good girl, and come with me. I will let you live." She shook her head yes, and began to walk in his arms. She bit him as hard as she could and ran out of the room.

She nearly fell down the stairs, landing in a dark liquid she held her hand up in the light a realized it was blood. She turned on the light and backed away crying. Staring at what used to be her mother's body... that used to be connected to her mother's head. And now it was not. She began to cry and remembered the man up stairs. She quickly jumped into the closet as she heard him coming.

"Where's my baby, Sarah. What have you done with my sweet Sarah! See what you have done now Haley. You scared her away! Were did she go Amanda!" He yelled at her mothers corpse. He began to search the house throwing things about. Sarah was about to make a run for it when she backed into something cold. She looked with her flash light, and held back a scream as she looked into the dead face of a patrol cop!

Suddenly the doors swung open, and the man grabbed Sarah hard. "Sarah, no need to be a bad girl. I will take care of you!" Suddenly he pulled Sarah's hair. Then he began to kiss her, while attempting to put his hands were they didn't belong. Sarah fought back! Then she noticed him let out a screech, and he fell to the floor.

"Bobby!" Sarah cried as she ran to him and kissed him. Bobby had a large metal pipe in his hand and he held her tightly. "How did you know?" she said.

"When I was leaving your house I noticed a large figure in the woods close by. So, I acted casual and went home for a while to get this pipe. Then when I got back I heard your mother scream. I didn't make it in time to save her, but I could still hear you inside. I was about to see if you were OK when he came past me. So I hid."

"Then I saw you come down stairs, and I attacked him. I would never let anyone hurt you!" Sarah smiled and they held each other. They man began to rise up again moaning. Sarah grabbed the pipe from Bobby and beat the man several times! She shouted at him, "This is for my Mom, and my Dad, and my innocent little baby brother. Battered and bruised the man didn't make a move.

Bobby called the police, and they both sat on the floor holding hands. The sun was rising, and Sarah began to cry. "Today is my birthday. And I'm not an adult. I'm completely on my own, with no one" Bobby looked at her with a sad look.

"You've got me." he whispered. Then they cried together. The cops came, and they explained everything. The ambulance carried out the mother, and the patrol cop, and examined the killer. He was dead. They carried him out and Sarah decided to get one last look. She stood over the murderer, and recognized the face of her 6th grade science teacher. She cried some more, and backed away. Bobby held her, as they pulled the body into the ambulance. Sarah swore she saw the teacher wink, but no one believes her to this day.

Note to the readers: This story is detailed, because I know the story by heart. and I would just like to say, "Hello, My name is Sarah. I am now 26 years old. I now have a beautiful baby girl, named Haley, named after her grandmother. Bobby and I are fine. We never leave each other's side, and Amanda is home schooled. She has many friends and she is so cute. She even has a boyfriend. They are 7 years old. :) I', thankful every day that she already has a man like mine to protect her.

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