The Sleep-over

by Gretta

This is one of poor children, this is Melanie

This is one of poor children, this is Melanie

Sleep-overs are me and my friend's favorite activity. I haven't had one in a while, so I called one of my friends. "Gretta, why did you call?" My friend asked. "Oh, Melanie. I really want a sleep-over." I said. "Well that's fantabulous! Call Suzanne, Margaret, Josie, and Katie!" My friend reluctantly said. So I called Suzanne, Margaret, Josie, and Katie. I told them that there was a sleep-over at Melanie's house.

I met the girls in the middle of the street heading towards Melanie's house. We all walked together, talking. We got to Melanie's house and stopped. We walked in, smiling. We all gasped. "Melanie!" I cried. She looked stunning in her flannel PJs. "Hi guys!" Melanie said. She hugged us and put down our sleeping bags in a circle.

I decided to tell a scary tale about a murderer who lurkes this very neighborhood. The lights went out when I was done. We all heard the knock-knock-knocking on the door. The door opened and we all hid. Melanie just stood there, frozen in fear. Suzanne hid in her sleeping bag. Margaret hid under the sofa. Josie hid under the other sofa. I hid behind the sofa.

Melanie screamed as her death crept upon her. BOOM! the stranger's pistole went. Suzanne screamed as the stranger took out a chain saw and sawed through the sleeping bag, through Suzanne. The stranger pulled Josie out from under the sofa. Margaret and I screamed as we heard the frantic gasps for breath coming out of Josie. Margaret broke out in cold sweat as a knife cut through her chest. The stranger hurried out. I came out from behind the sofa.

I let the stranger kill my friends. I'm guilty that I let him. Anyway, I'm not dead. My friends are. And I grinned as I x-ed off the last thing on my list.

Want a 'pretend' sleep-over with Melanie X
Tell the story that signals Jason to come X
Move little by little to the light and turn it off X
Hide where Jason told me to X
Pretend to be scared X
Not be (so) sad x

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