The Sleepover Prison Break

by Emily

My best friend, Hannah, and I have birthday's back to back, so we decided to have a double party. Our birthday's are only a few days from Halloween so our theme was a Spooky Halloween Costume Sleepover Party Extravaganza. We had our contests, cake, and had our pajamas on all done around 11pm. We had all thought that something was missing, but we didn't know what.

We thought and thought until finally my friend, Kayla, shouted out, "Scary Movies!" Sydney and I ran up to my Aunt and Uncle's room, (i live with them) to see if one of them could take us to the video store. They got my 22 year old cousin, Blake to drive all of us to the video store. We picked out "The Noise in the Attic", "How Jill Died", and the scariest of all time, "Serial Killer Prison Brake Murder".

We got home and put in "How Jill Died". It was kinda cheesy and was over before 1am, so we put "The Noise in the Attic" it ended around 3am and the only people who were even scared by it were my little 6 year old twin cousins, Sabrina and Samantha, but they went to sleep near the end. We had a vote and decided to put in "Serial Killer Prison Brake Murder".

The prisoner James Duffy, who was in for a series of murders, at Lincoln Heights Jail, broke out of the jail and killed more then 8 teenagers around age 14. Well, it just so happened that it was my 14th B-day, and my friend's! By the end of the movie, Jennifer, Ashley, and Rachel had gone home, Danielle wet her pants, Jade had a nervous break down, and the rest of us were just about speechless. By that time it was about 3:30am so we decided to go to bed.

Though none of us slept after that movie, we weren't tired the next morning. The next night I was in my bedroom when I heard the craziest, scariest, creepiest noise in the world coming from outside my bedroom door. I grabbed my baseball bat and had crept to the door. I cranked it ever so slightly, and a dark figure was standing outside in the hallway. I turned on the light and screamed.

The figure was wearing a black and white striped prison jump suite holding a mug shot card with the number "54221", which was the number of James Duffy. At that point I was still screaming and my aunt and uncle came running out of their bedroom to the hallway.

By that time, Blake was rolling on the floor, choking with laughter. In between breathing and laughing, he managed to say, "You.......... should've........ seen your........... face!" I was sitting at the breakfast table when my aunt turned on the news. The headline was "Serial Killer Escapes From Prison and Kills Girl". I almost fell out of my seat when the reporter said, "The girl went to this school..." as she pointed to a picture of my school.

I got ready for school shaking. Hannah called me and wanted to make sure it wasn't me who was killed. "Are you sure this is Hannah?" I asked, it just didn't sound like her. "Well of coarse silly, what made you think it wasn't me?" she replied. "Oh nothing." I said. "can you give me a ride to school?" she asked, "My mom has a flat." Ha! I knew it wasn't her! Her mom was out of town on a business trip! I just replied, "I can't. I have to take my cousin to the dentist." She tried to argue, but I won.

At school, Hannah wasn't there. I asked Danielle, my other bff, about it and she told me the horrible news, "Don't you know! The Serial killer got Hannah! I didn't want to bring it up because I didn't want to break the news to you!" We were all inseparable! D.A.H.!(Meaning Danielle, Alexa, Hannah) What would happen to my and Danielle's friendship now?! We went to the bathroom and cried together.

Before first period, we had an assembly honoring Hannah. Danielle and I went up to the stage and spoke a few words about how great of a friend Hannah had been. When the assembly was over, Danielle and I went to our first period class together. Before anyone else was in the classroom, they called a lockdown because the Serial Killer had been spotted near our school.

We went to the corner of the room after locking the door. In about five minutes we heard bullet shots down the hall and then three came through our door. One shot the door handle and me and Danielle knew it was the end. Two shots was all it took before...

So wait....... how am I typing this? Do you know if you believe? I might just be right behind you plotting my revenge.

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