The Slaughter

by IRS
(Michigan, United Sates)

There once were a family that lived in the middle of nowhere. They lived on top of a hill where no one seems to visit much. There were a wife and a husband who had three children. Their names were Macy who was 17, Haley who was 13,and Charlie who was 7.

One stormy night while the family was getting ready for dinner they heard a knock on the door. "I wonder who that could be?" said the husband. "We usually don't get visitors out here that late". The wife went to answer the door when she had opened the door it appeared to be a man who looked at least like he was 50 years old, he wore a grey dirty hoodie, his pants were tore, his skin looked wrinkly and his teeth were yellow and rotten.

"um hello" said the wife. How can I help you? The man looked up at the wife and said, hi my car wouldn`t start and I was wondering if I could use your phone to call a tow truck. "sure" said the wife. She let him in and led him into the living room to use the phone.

While the man was in the living room calling the tow truck the wife went back into the kitchen. "Who was that?" said the husband. Some guy his car wouldn`t start so he asked to use the phone. A few minutes later the old man came into the kitchen. "well is everything fine?" said the wife. "Actually" said the old man they said they wouldn`t be able to come out until tomorrow morning because of the storm. "you don't mind if I stay the night here do you?" The husband and wife both looked at each other for awhile and said sure.

The family and the old guy all sat at the kitchen table eating their dinner. The husband asked for the old guy`s name. He said his name was "slaughter". Well that`s an interesting name said the husband.

The family was talking to one another and asking slaughter a few questions. Later on once the family was done with dinner and cleaning everything up in the kitchen the wife put the youngest child to bed. While the two oldest girls were in the living room watching tv. The old guy who was also in the living room was staring at the older girl "Macy". She had notice that the old guy was staring at her and felt uncomfortable. She told her sister she was going to the bathroom and that she would be back. Thirty minutes went by and she notice that her sister wasn't back yet.

She was about to tell the old guy something but she noticed that the old guy was gone. She then went upstairs into the bathroom. Once she walked into the bathroom she noticed that she stepped on something. She looked down and screamed. There lay her dead sister body laying on the bathroom floor slaughtered and covered in blood.

The husband and wife ran into the bathroom when they heard their daughter scream. Both terrified by what they had seen. The wife ran into her son's room to get him and then the husband had down stairs to call the police only to find that the phone was dead. The husband was about to run back upstairs when he saw the news was on and it said BREAKING NEWS THERE SEEMS TO BE A MANIAC ON THE LOOSE. HE HAD ESCAPED FROM THE MENTAL INSTITUTION AND IS VERY DANGEROUS. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCK. HE GOES BY THE NAME OF "SLAUGHTER".

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