The Sister

by Melanie

There were two sisters named Jennifer and Sara. Sara was the youngest and Jennifer was the oldest. Jennifer had asthma. So she couldn't run a lot or be very active. Sara was the innocent one and Jennifer would only pretend.

Whenever their mom would tuck them into bed, Jennifer would always get a knife and cut her little Sara on the arm. Of course Sara would cry but the poor little thing could not defend herself.

One day when the mom came to tell the girls that lunch was ready, she found Jennifer cutting Sara's arm. She screamed and well of course Jennifer stopped what she was doing and hid the knife behind her back. The mom said "I knew that you were up to something!" She took Sara and locked the door.

Jennifer was frustrated and had a heart attack. She quickly rushed to get her inhaler but it didn't work. She shook it and shook it but it was to late. She was on the floor... dead.

Several months later, crimes everywhere were reported. Seven people have been murdered. Detectives have found a rare piece of candy in their mouths and several cuts on their arm. When one detective heard about the cuts he knew exactly who to ask. His next door neighbor Sara.

When he found the apartment he went to the second floor. Where Sara lived with her foster mom. She had a foster mom because her real mom went to prison when her other daughter Jennifer was abusing Sara. The detective was asking Sara some simple questions but Sara would not answer. Finally the detective showed her a picture of a piece of candy that was found in one of the victims mouth. He asked her "Are you aware of this candy?" "Does it remind you of anybody?" She said "Yes, When my sister used to cut me she would always give me THAT piece of candy."

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