The Silver Box

by Jake Balvin
(Lodi, NJ, USA)

In the town of Lodi, there lived a brother and sister named Max and Rose. One day they found a silver box on the sidewalk. When they picked it up, the box talked to them. The box said, "if you open me, you will find riches beyond your dreams."

So Max and Rose tried to open it. Unfortunately, they didn't have the key to open it. Max and Rose looked everywhere in their town for it. Then they looked everywhere under their town.

After that the box gave them a hint. It said, "the key is where you read and study." Max and Rose thought and thought until they knew where the key was. It was in one of their text books. They went to Max's math textbook first and found the key.

The silver key said that they had to solve a riddle. The riddle was, "I am at every zoo, but I can leave when I want." So Max and Rose thought and thought until they knew the answer. Max said, "it is a bird." He was correct, so the box opened with the key and there was a billion dollars inside. Max and Ruby were rich!

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