The silent meat

Gemma and Alice had studied German, French and Chinese at university. They took themselves off on a vacation to relax for a while and then Gemma asked Alice to rub her sun lotion on, she did. As she was rubbing she noticed a mark on her leg, it looked like 3 mountains. She asked how it got there and Gemma replied 'When I was a kid my brother put a glass on the table, I ran into the table and it fell on me'.

Alice just kept on rubbing and didn't bother to say anything else. Then Gemma (while enjoying her rub) picked up the newspaper and a job application for a translater was in it. It read-
WANTED- TRANSLATER to speak french, german and chinese. Gemma applied for the job and got it.

She went to the airport and there was a big, tall man holding up a sign that read- GEMMA. So she went over and she was taken to the old man's house who she was working for. That night she got a letter from Alice asking how she was and she replied 'I am doing great, can't wait to get back. Oh, I have to go for dinner, see ya later'.

She had the most delicious dinner ever, the meat was so rich. Then a letter came through from Alice and she didn't get a reply, so waited till the next week and sent another... still no reply.

The next day she went to the news agents and in the papers she saw the same advert, WANTED- TRANSLATER, to speak french, german and chinese. So she applied and this time she got the job. She only wanted it to go and see if Gemma was alright.

She went to the airport and a big, tall man was standing with a sign the read- ALICE. That night she was having dinner and was so excited to try the wonderful meat that Gemma had been talking about. She noticed the big, tall man didn't speak, she asked her manager why and he said 'his tongue was cut off'.

Then before she could say anything else he came to the table with the dinner and Alice enjoyed every last little bite, on her last bite a little chunk of fat rolled off the meat and turned over on her plate. It had a mark that looked like 3 little mountains on it.

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