The Shape

by Jacob Berk
(Brooklyn, NY)

A very similar bunk to the one my division and I were at.

A very similar bunk to the one my division and I were at.

Hi. This story is absolutly 100% true, no matter how far fetched it may sound. It was such a scary experience, that I still wonder about it after 2 years. This story takes place in my summer camp.

My division and I were having a boys-night-out, which means watching a DVD, BBQ'ing, and sleeping in a different bunk than our normal one. The bunk that we were staying in was slightly elevated above the mossy ground, so much in fact, that you could easily crawl under it.

My buddies and I were drinking a lot of soda, so "nature called". I went around the back of the bunk to do it, since no one could see me there. Facing the woods, I did my stuff, with my back to the bunk. After I was done, I was ready to walk back. But something grabbed my attention, unfortunately.

Under the bunk, I saw something or someone in what appeared to be a staight-jacket, staring right at me. I was absolutly terrified. I didn't know whether to run or stand still, having fear in doing either. I noticed a brick lying on the ground next to me. I slowly picked it up, and got it ready. I threw it as hard as I could at the thing, and as soon as the brick left my hand, I ran for my life.

When I told my friends what happened, they didn't believe me, so I said I would show them the thing. I grabbed a flashlight, and we cautiously approached the back of the bunk, expecting the worst. I took out the flashlight, and shone it's beam under the bunk. My friends and I couldn't believe what we saw. A blood stained straight-jacket was just lying around, with nobody in it. This did two things. It relieved me to know that the thing was gone, but now I was worried about where it was.

My friends went to go call a counselor, and I turned my head for just ten seconds. When my friends and counselor returned, I was horrified. The straight-jacket was gone.

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