The Sewer Maggot

by Hannah D.
(Eugene, OR)

'I was so scared right then and there, that I started to cry.'

'I was so scared right then and there, that I started to cry.'

My hands were trembling. It was there. Right in front of me. Again. The 5 foot tall Sewer Maggot.

Then I woke up. Oh my gosh it was only a dream? It seemed so real! And then I remembered that those things weren't real. I was just imaginating it.

That dream had happened long ago when I was about 4. Now, I am 7 and a half and haven't had a dream like that since I was that age.

"Rebecca! Come down here and eat your breakfast or you'll be late for school!" Arrgh. It was my mom.

I went downstairs and ate. Then I walked to the bus stop by myself to go to the first grade. It was Friday, and I had the whole weekend to myself and my mom because my dad and my two older brothers were going camping for two days while I stayed here with my mom.

Anyway, when school ended and when I was walking home from the bus stop, I saw the most horrifying thing of my life. The Sewer Maggot. For real. And this time I knew it wasn't a dream.

It was coming towards me. Oh I wanted to run, and oh I wanted to get out of the situation so badly, but I couldn't. I was so horrified at that moment that I couldn't do anything right then except stare at that ugly maggot while he was staring back at me.

But luckly my dad had been watching me while I was walking home from the bus and he was right behind me with his gun out. When he shot that gun, it hit the maggot right in the chest and this disgusting watery stuff came out and washed over me in three seconds flat. I was drenched. I was so scared right then and there, that I started to cry.

The Maggot screamed in pain and started to shink until it became the size of an ant and disappeared. I was soaking wet but was saved by my dad! He hugged me so hard I feared he would break every bone in my body, but the most important thing I had to think about then, was that I was still alive.

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