The Red nose Clown

by Karena Huang
(Arcadia, CA, LA)

One Saturday night, a guy and his girlfriend was chatting on the computer and seeing each other. “Hey, you want to see the pictures I took at the prom? I want you to see what’s wrong with it, okay?” the guy said and sent the pictures to his girlfriend. “Okay, sure. Wow, these pictures are so awesome!” the girlfriend said. “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Well, don’t you see the red hair clown with a big nose that looks kinda creepy at the back in all of the pictures?”
“Oh my gosh, you’re right! Dang, that clown freaks me out. See? He’s in the back smiling mentally behind the soda fountain and behind the balloons!” The girl began to get scared.

“I know. He’s pretty scary, but I’m pretty sure that it has nothing to do with us. Oh yeah, I’m gonna go get some snacks okay? I’m starving and I didn’t even eat anything. Be right back.” The guy took off and went to get his food. When he came back and sat down at his computer table, he gasped. “What’s the matter?” the girl cried out. “Shush, be quiet, and don’t make a move.” The girl did what her boyfriend ordered her.

“What is behind me? Is there…….” She paused and fell from the chair and on to the ground, dead with a sharp knife sticking out of her chest. It was the red haired clown with creepy looking who had stabbed her! Through the microphone and the screen, the clown smiled evilly at the guy and said, “You’re next.”

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