The Red Footprints

by Mallory J.

Bloody footprints

Bloody footprints

Rachel, a 16-year-old was home alone for the first time. Her parents were on vacation for three days. After a few hours of television and computer games, Rachel got bored. "There is nothing to do!" she said to herself. She started rummaging through things and finally decided to prank call her neighbor, Stacey.

She picked up the phone and dialed the number. "Hello?" a scratchy man's voice answered. "Um... I might have dialed the wrong number, sorry." Rachel quickly said. "No, you have dialed the correct number." the man's horrible voice answered. Rachel glanced through her window and into Stacey's house window. There she saw a dark figure of a man holding the phone. He was pitch black, although the room was lit brightly. If that wasn't odd enough, he had huge yellow eyes that seemed to be looking straight at Rachel. The frightened girl quickly hung up.

The next morning she had forgotten all about the weird incident. Around 2:00p.m. she got a phone call. "Hello?" she asked into the phone. At first all she heard was breathing. After about a minute of dark breathing she got ready to hang up when the same man started talking. "I am angry." he yelled. "W-hy?" Rachel, now scared to death asked. "You never called back! Now I am going to kill you!" he bellowed. Rachel hung up the phone as quickly as he finished.

That night Rachel lay awake in bed. She couldn't stop thinking about the man. "My parents will be home tomorrow and they will fix it all." She told herself. She soon got thirsty and went into the kitchen for a glass of water. She screamed at what she saw. When her parents arrived the next day, they couldn't seem to find their daughter. "Rachel? Rachel?" the repeated.

Finally, when they came to the kitchen, they saw it. A puddle of blood lay there on the floor. Bloody footprints led out the door and to Stacey's front door. The worried parents knocked on her door. She answered and seeing the worried looks on the couple's face, asked what was wrong. "Why are there bloody footprints leading to your door?!" they asked. "What footprints?" Stacey asked. The parents looked back to find nothing there. In the mean time, Stacey was trying to hide her bright yellow eyes the dark shadow she was casting.

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