The Raven

It was an ordinary night in the park. There I was walking my dog when the lights started to flash and I heard foot steps behind me there was no one there but a scruffy looking raven I looked in to its eyes and jumped.

I carried on walking as a piece of paper flew through my hair I picked it up knowing it was none of my business, it read “Now you’ve looked in to the Raven’s eyes people that you love will suffer” I ignored it and kept waking as I was walking my dog started to howl then out of no where a old man came out and made me scream I rushed home.

As I got home I called for my mum she didn’t answer I went up stairs I heard the shower running I knocked on the door and entered ah there was blood every where my mum was laying in the tub she had cracked head open “Call the ambulance” she cried that’s when I saw it the Raven it was standing on the window sill I screamed it flew out I grabbed the phone I could feel the heart coming out of my chest I dialled 991 hello I said trying to stay calm my mum has cracked her head the address is 12 MULHER STREET we are on our way a voice said.

Then as I went to open the door I hit my head all I remembered is falling, falling, falling.

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