The Porcelain Doll

by Elizabeth W.
(Marietta, Ohio, United States)

The porcelain doll that sat on Chrystal’s window sill scared her every time she looked at it. It’s empty eyes cast upon pure judgment. She begged her mom to throw it away.

"No, your little sister Arianna loves that thing,” Leah, the mother, signed. Leah was depressed and didn’t really care right at that moment. It was like that since her husband Jeremiah hung himself . No one really knew why, he was the happiest man in the world with his perfect family. The only person who knew why he killed himself was Chrystal. She knew that some kind of voodoo was seeping out of the porcelain doll's painted smile.

The smile was elegant and perfect, this scared Chrystal. “No one can ever be as happy as that,” she spoke quickly to Leah as she was rushing out the door. “Chrystal! I’ve had enough of you, if mention it again you’ll be sent to your room for the night.

Tears blurred Chrystal’s eyes as she ran toward the big tree in her yard. She climbed to the highest branch so she could look into her room. When she finally reached it she found out that Arianna must of moved the doll pointing outward as a mean joke. Its eyes burned into Chrystal’s mind.

That night she had a dream about the best memory of she and her father. They were playing softball in the city park. When she overthrew the ball her, dad ran to pick it up. That’s when the dream turned into a nightmare. He walked up to Chrystal, flesh rotting off his face. She was frightened and scared, but her curiosity got the best of her. Chrystal looked deep into her father’s eyes, there amongst the rays of blue stood the porcelain doll’s face. Her painted smile stayed on her face, Chrystal was in tears. Her father moved closer to her, reaching out for a hug. He lunged for her ears.

“Wake up and save your sister,” Jeremiah whispered into her ear. Chrystal awoke suddenly to see her sister Arianna sitting straight up in her bed. She wondered why her father had her wake up, then she noticed the porcelain doll was missing from the window sill. She looked around a found it in her sister hand.

“I’ve always loved this doll, why didn’t you,” Arianna spoke in an eerie voice. “Arianna, put that down now, you don’t know what you're holding,” Chrystal begged, and reached for her sister, but it was to late. Arianna smashed it on the floor, the smile breaking into hundreds a pieces. “Why Arianna, why,” Chrystal insisted to her sister.

Then she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, it was a body. Not just any body. But her dads hanging from the ceiling with a note nailed into his temple. It read; ‘You were too late Chrystal‘. In shock she looked toward her sister in the corner, on Arianna’s face was that same painted smile as the doll.

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