The Picture

by Blake
(Oklahoma City )

Once a girl named Anable was at one of her photo shoots and the lady taking her picture was an older woman. Anable never really liked this woman. One day she took a picture and this old lady turned to a zomibe through Anable's eyes, no one else could see her. Anable ran home, she had another photo shoot that night but decided to not go.

She has every picture on her wall so she thought that she didn't need any more. She looked up at the pictures on her wall and saw that old ladies zombies on her pictures she screamed and ran down her road. She hid in a tree garden. It was finally midnight and she got up and it was a graveyard. That minute she saw the old lady go to a tombstone and put flowers on it that had no name.

She got up and she tried to run but hands grabbed her and pulled her under. The old lady dug up Anable and took her home to her parents saying she found her on the streets. The parents were outraged. The police came and took pictures of Anable. The first picture they took wouldn't show up so they took another and Anable came alive. She left her House running down the street screaming "Where's that old lady".

She ended up at the photo shoot and the old lady was there asleep. She took a picture of the old lady and left her there to die. Three days later the police found the old ladie dead.

The pollice said she died 50 years ago when a building collapsed on her in a photo shoot. They said there have been flowers at her grave everday at midnight. Anable tried to explain to them that she saw her there when she ran away. The police just took the old lady's body and buried her. Every day Anable sees that old lady in her pictures.

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