The Phantom Clown

by Brenddon Marrell
(Springvale Sth)

One day a long time ago this little girl named Amy had just broken her favourite doll. She was crying for days until finally her mother took her to this old warehouse so she could get a new one.

When they got there they saw all red all over the walls and no one was there. They thought it was just a prank so they went in and saw all the toys but the little girl wanted this special type of toy. She wanted something different, something that she's afraid of. She wanted a clown.

They were walking around the warehouse and still no one was there. The mom then thought that something was wrong, so she wanted to get out of there as fast as she could. The mother told Amy to just get that one. She turned it around and it happened to be a clown and it was waving 6 fingers. They got that one. Left the money on the counter and went home.

The mother was making Amy some tomato soup for dinner while amy was laying down looking at her clown. Then for a minute Amy could have sworn she saw the clown's eyes turn red and its fingers started waving the number 7.

When the mother walked into the room, the room was re-decorated in red. She got her phone and tried to call the cops but then the phone cut out so she decided to drive. When she got there, she told the cops what had happened and she made them come. When they got there, all the blood was gone and her daughter Amy was never seen again.

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