The perfect day

by Jose
(Atlantic city, N.J)

About two Fridays ago, me and my best friend, Rogelio planned to go to the park. the plan was set and so he got on my bus and we got to my house. I changed and as well he did in my room. We went to play my PS2 for a while before my other friends get there. At four we were at the park and played basketball.

It was crazy nobody got tired or thirsty we kept going till it was fifteen to twenty one. I lost as well as my partner but he wasn't mad they are my homies, their nothing but my brothers. We left the court when someone asked us their playing full court and needed ours.
"Where are we going to play"? Rogelio asked.
"On that one"? Someone pointed. We got mad but left without any drama and went to the swings. We just sat there and had a good time. We went to Roberts house one of their friends, we don't get along as much. It was a long walk my feet were tired. We walked to his house only to find he was gone. We walked back to the park and saw my friends Eri'zhai. She hugged me and them and walked with her cousin. We decided to chill at my house and just talk.

I was hungry and I ate shrimp for dinner and Kamuu and Khalfani left. Leaving my and Rogelio alone watching TV, but I had to take a bath. It took about fifteen minutes to take a bath and I got out and went on the computer. I took a look at Rogelio and told him that with all my heart I loved him as a best friend. He told me he did as well.

I dropped him off and went to the movie theaters to watch 12 rounds with my parents. After that day I never in my life thought a perfect day even could exists till my plans on that day went as I wanted them to. Rogelio on the other hand still is the only friend I got a lot of respect for and I hope one day we could do it all over so I once again can tell him I love you as my brother so I can see if he was telling the truth or not But Friday March 27 2009 was the Perfect Day

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