The Perfect Child

by Mim

There once was a girl named Jillian. She was seven years old and she has had a great life. But this is a story of how her life came to an end.

Jillian was on her couch one day doing her homework. Her mom suddenly walked into the doorway and called for her dad. Her dad came running down stairs and asked, "What is wrong?" She said, "My cousin Dory died." Everyone was sad, even Jillian.

The next day her mom and her dad went to her mom's cousin's funeral. While Jillian was at home all by herself she heard a noise. It sounded like breathing. Then all of the power turned on. The water was running, the TV was on, and everything most likely electric or whatever was on. Then came a loud BOOM and nobody ever saw her again.

There wasn't any evidence to explain when the cops examined. But one day it kept happening to different people and then the world's population went lower and lower until there was no one or nothing else left ever ever again.

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