The Passion of a Man

by D.Armstrong

The community environment became a selfish and careless place for all. Clara Madison and her family came to live in the Central part of Bridgetown four years ago. The family had made a decision because employment became difficult for both her husband and herself. Clara was a part time remedial teacher for a foreign oil company for the past five years in the community. Bridgetown was a place of comfort and enjoyment for all its residents.

Clara's husband worked as a Health and Safety Authorize facilitator and coordinated all the training of staff and community base Programs in Bridgetown. He was known as "Doc" in the community but his name was Edward. Eddy as he was called by his loving and fateful soul-mate Clara raised a family of three of the most kind, loving, and caring boys you could find in the village with the support of his loyal wife "Clara". Their father being such a "passionate" man shared all that he knew with his three sons Omari, Obadiyah and Ishmael.

T.O.G.A Texico Oil and Gas Association as it was called became "The Bank" for all residents living in Bridgetown. The company provided a good source of income/revenue and was well respected by all who wore its uniform. As life would have it things changed as the years passed by so fast. T.O.G.A was given a ten year contract with the government and many made long term goals, expecting their fruits of labor to pay off. Suddenly, new environmental laws were passed as Global warming became a Worldwide concern by Environmentalists all over the globe and this meant that T.O.G.A had to shut down. Bridgetown was now looked at as an Unsafe - Hazardous place for living.

Edward and Clara were devastated by the news and were reluctant to start a new life elsewhere. They were now the talk of the town, as residents lost all their confidence in them because of the dreadful news. Their children became targets for bullies in the village and were called names such as "Blood Suckers."

One evening while Omari and Ishmael were walking home they came across a group of teens, some of which attended the same school as Omari, as they passed by, some of the guys walked alongside them shouting aggressively near their faces, "VAMPIRES".

Ishmael became very frightened as he held on to his bigger brother with a tight grip. This continued for a short period until one of the bullies decided to call Omari a coward and sissy. Ismael tried his best to hold on to his brother but he pulled away to retaliate. The entire group attacked Omari in a blink of an eye, even though Omari was well adverse in martial arts, they were to many. Ishmael cried feverishly as he saw his brother laying in a pool of blood helpless.

The news of the death of Clara's first born Omari became a public image of concern for all on the web-site. T.O.G.A now felt that they needed to provide the family with some support. The local media and some international environmentalists were now concerned about the situation in a small village in Bridgetown, as it shed a new prospective on how foreign companies affect the lives of many citizens when their concerns and intentions are not targeted on the development of its environs but selfishly on greed.

The Madisons never left Bridgetown and Edward channelled his pain constructively with the loss of his son and became an advocate for "WORLD PEACE." T.O.G.A offered Edward funding for his company, "Peace be with you" in memory of the death of Omari Madison.

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