The pale girl in the woods

by louise

One warm night around 11pm a group of young girls aged 15 were on route home from a walk, taking the shortcut through a dark forest lane one of them decided it would be funny to pretend they were hearing noises from a distance.

The joke carried on for a few minutes but soon after one of the girls saw somthing on the field... a young looking pale girl, she whisperd to the other girls that she could see something in the distance, curious the other two girls turned to look but as there was nothing they they didnt think much of if.

A few senconds later the scream of a young child was belted across the dark land and in panic the girls turned and ran back the other way, as soon as they reached the end of the lane they stopped to catch thier breath back noticing a sign on the lampost with written letters and fresh flowers, the sign said

"r.i.p rachel who was found murdered in the woods e.t.c"

So girls dont go in the woods alone, you never know what could be lurking!

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