The Ouji Board

I was at my friend's sleepover, and 4 of us went downstairs to annoy Makenna's older brother, Alec. I stayed upstairs with my friend Natalie, because she wanted to use Makenna's Ouji Board.

We asked if there were any ghosts here, and I swear we didn't move it. We both had our eyes closed, and it went slowly but surely to YES. We asked how many, and it said ONLY 1. We asked if he was a boy or a girl, how old was he, what was his name? He was a boy, 23, and his name was Jeremy Fischer.

We asked how he died, and he told us he drowned in the river, which was creepy, because behind Makenna's house, there was a river running through the woods, and it was really deep, and there were sharp rocks lining it.

Every question we asked, it was moving faster. (Of course, we were in the closet, because we wanted it to be dark.) We asked if he knew us, and he moved it quickly, saying I KNOW YOU, RAE. I yelled, "Oh my!" and covered my mouth. Then whispered, "My mom's maiden name is Fischer, I forgot!" Natalie whispered back, "Do you know anybody named Jeremy on your mom's side?" I shook my head. Natalie asked, "Give us a sign you're here..." And as soon as she finished, something crashed in the closet behing me.

We screamed, and a hand landed on my shoulder. I screamed really hard, yelling at Natalie "There's a hand on my shoulder!" (I didn't see the hand, but it felt exactly like one!) She jumped up and tore at the door handle, but it locked. (Makenna's closet does that sometimes. No offense, but it's a crappy house!) I could swear I heard fumbling in the back of the closet. And then a voice, that sounded far away behing me, like, 15 feet (Her closet isn't that big!) said, "Shh! It's okay, watch!" I saw the thing that moves on the Ouji board, with no hand touching it, spelled out I WONT HURT U quickly, and started spinning around out of control! Natalie pounded at the door. I grabbed the handle, and she did too. "One, two, three!" I grunted. We pulled the door off one hinge. That was enough space to get out. She fled, with me right behind her.

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