The not-so-perfect birthday

by Chrissy
(Evansville, IN)

A little girl named Katrina (5 yrs old) who had a very poor family was always alone and shy. On her 6th birthday her parents decided this had to end so they went to the pet store to find their little girl a friend. Remember, this family was very poor so they had to buy the cheapest thing there, and in this case it was a kitten.

When they saw this kitten it was sleeping with its sister. At first they didn't know which one to get her but then they remembered a picture Katrina had drawn when she was only 3 yrs old. She drew a white cat sleeping in her bed with her. They giggled at the funny conection it was. So they bought the white cat.

When they got home they opened Katrina's door (to her room) and she laid there in her bed laying next to the cat they had bought her. That's when they looked in the cage that they had carried him home in and the cat was gone. Katrina's mom got suddenly frightened and her dad rushed over to Katrina's bed and pulled down the covers. Katrina had a hole right where her heart was.

Her mom started crying and her dad pulled down the covers more. There they found a lot of pictures drawn by Katrina, of the cat and one that said: "Dear mom and dad, you bought me a bad kitty, love Katrina."

On the cat's claws there was blood. Once the parents realized it, the cat popped up and killed them both. Dear readers, this is not a real story so don't be afraid of your pets!

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