The Night of Death

by Tristan

These two brothers were walking home from school one night. They decided to take the shortcut through the woods. They heard something howl, so they walked a little faster. They heard something running towards them, so they walked faster still. They saw the lantern on their doorstep so they ran to their door and ran inside. They had noticed that their mother wasn't home.

They were a poor family so they had no car they had to walk home. Their dad was home. All of a sudden they heard their mother outside. They went out to say hey but she was dead. The dad said get in the house. They went inside. The dad had seen four sets of scratches.

Inside the house the boys were playing truth or dare and one brother told the other brother to go out side with his dad to ask about mom. So he did. There was only one problem. Dad was dead. Neither of the boys knew anything about their parents deaths.

They went to live with their neighbours. Their best friend lived there. Their friend's dad said there were sightings of a creature back in 1607. You see they had no clue what it was. One brave man tried to pet it but it ate him in one bite. All of a sudden the creature broke in. The dad the mother and the friend had it kill the boys. It was like they controlled it. It ate the boys and the other family.

It is said if you ride down a rode in the woods that is very strange you will see the creature as well and you will meet your doom as well.

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Jul 15, 2008
Scare me
by: Anonymous

It's a good write but to me it's not really scary. Something with a more realistic idea would b better rather than werewolves which we know don't exist for a fact.

Jun 17, 2008
Awesome Story
by: Anonymous

This is one creative kid that wrote one awesome story.

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