The Night in the Lake

by Anna

There is a huge lake right in the center of our town. We call it Lake Willow, because it is surrounded by Weeping Willow trees. It used to be overflowing with fish, and abundant with people, swimming on hot days. But now, many months later, the fish are gone, and the happy people no longer swim in the sparkling waters. This is all because of the monster.

Many people have claimed to see a dark object gliding through the water. It is supposed to be huge, bigger than three schoolbuses. One person actually took a picture of the beast, an amazing picture of its giant head peeking through the waves. Some are ignorant and don't believe in this monster, but I do. I know it.. because I experienced its horror......

Several months ago, when the stories had just begun, a group of five scientists decided to inspect the lake, to see why the fish had dissapeared. One of the scientists was me. In the middle of the night, we rented a boat and sailed out to the heart of our lake. This is where the monster had been spotted the most. As we looked into the black waters, a giant figure passed under us. It went at an amazing speed, faster than a fighter jet racing through the skies. It made our boat tip over, throwing all of us into the water. I managed to climb on top of the overturned boat, but my friends were not so lucky.

Just as we thought the worst was over, the creature turned around and headed in our direction. The poor souls in the water screamed and frantically tried to scarmble onto the boat. The creature grabbed one of them and dragged him under the water. Blood splashed to the surface. Then, one by one, my friends were pulled under the water and devoured. I had tried desparately to save them. It was only me and one other survivor left. I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the boat, but the creature was too fast for me. It grabbed his legs and dragged us both into the water.

I watched in horror as my friend was eaten, crushed by the sharp teeth of the beast. There was nothing I could do then but save myself. I swam too shore as fast as I could and collasped on the soft banks of the lake. I looked into the now still waters, completely past the point of crying. I sat there all night, just thinking, watching the willow trees sway gently in the breeze. Just as the sun rose, I trudged home.

I have never spoken anyone of what happened in the lake that night, because I am to depressed to ever speak again. So, I am recording the truth to you, not for sympathy purposes, but as a warning. Please, I'm begging you, stay away from Lake Willow.

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Oct 29, 2010
Is that..
by: Hi

A true story?

Aug 13, 2009
by: scared

Thanks for the warning! Creepy...

Aug 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

thats really creepy!!!

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