The New Girl

by Kayla W.

There was a girl named Liza. She was about 10 years old. She hated dolls and everyone knew it. Well it was close to Christmas and they were doing the Secret Santa.

A new girl picked Liza's name. Days came close to exchange gifts,Liza became nervous. Alot of girls her age love dolls .

"What if the new girl gets me a doll." she thought. The other girls might have told her. SOMETIMES THEY CAN BE SO HATEFUL!

Days came close and close and the day came. The new girl got her a doll. A happy doll. but those were the worst kinds of dolls to Liza.

She ended up having a nervous break down. She woke up in the hospital. The new girl asked her what happened. She replied " There was a reason why I hate dolls.


A doll killed my mother. and I know she will kill me because the doll was designed the same way the other was.

An evil grin grew on the girl's face. "I know!" She threw the doll in the room and locked her in it there.

You should know what happens next.

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