The Mysterious Super Croc

by Nathanael J. H.
(Durban, South Africa)

They survived for centuries in the depths of the sea, unnoticed by humanity. At the turn of the century the great Cape tsunami caused this reptile to surface from the abyss and be cast into South Africa’s greatest lake, Lake Victoria, situated one hundred kilometers in land from Cape Town Harbor.

Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in the world, with depths of 1100 meters.

The tsunami was so disastrous that it took people years to rebuild their lives and remove the debris. This caused the reptile to thrive in its new environment. The surrounding farmers noticed the missing sheep and cattle but did not pay attention because they were preoccupied with the cleanup after the tsunami. Some farmers noticed this super reptile on the surface of the lake but mistook it for floating debris.

A year after the cleanup was over; the national parks board reopened the campsite at Lake Victoria. The first month was packed to capacity but the super reptile did not surface. After a month the number of campers started to decrease; now the families, that were camping, were spread out more. There were always two or three families whose pets went missing per weekend. The list of family pets that went missing, at the lake, were endless.

On rare occasions people noticed something that looked like a floating log, but paid no attention. Eventually a camper discovered a strange tooth, after his pet went missing. This was given to the experts to determine what type of tooth it was but none of the experts ever came across such a reptile, the closest they could determine that it belonged to the salt water crocodile family. They estimated that this reptile is about seven meters long and weighs about two and a half tons.

According to scientists this type of saltwater crocodile lived about two million years ago and the tsunami caused this tooth, to be picked up from the bottom of the sea, and land at Lake Victoria.

Up to this day, at Lake Victoria, cattle, sheep and family pets still go missing without a trace.

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