The Mysterious Hook

by Daniel

Bloody knives

Bloody knives

On a Black and Stormy night, A man and his girlfriend were going to dinner. So they went to dinner and when they finished the man offered to take the women home. She Agreed, so on the way home to her house they turned on the radio and a special news report came on. It said, "This Just in... a man just escaped from jail. He is being identified as wearing, a black suit, black hair, and a hook on his left hand.

The man had to go outside to go to the rest room. He did and when he got back, a tap went on his window. He looked through the window and he didn't see anything. Then out of nowhere, they heard a large crash coming from the women's door... the glass was broken.

THEN A KNIFE FLEW INTO THE WINDOW AND STABBED THE WOMEN, she was bleeding. The man floored the gas and got her to her home. She was OK. The man stepped out of the car to find a a hook and a blood dripping knife on the ground.

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Dec 13, 2010
Whaa? o.o
by: Anonymous

I don't get it, it's like a weird knockoff of that old story "The Hook". What's up with the stupid knife? No offense, but try writing your own story.

Nov 23, 2007
Bloody Knifes
by: Naresh Kumar

Very good but you see your grammar is not so good and I am very impressed on your amazing story. I will rate your story 3 stars for your amazing story and your hardwork.

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