The Murderer

by Molly Newman
(Australia NSW Sydney)

The Car They Were In

The Car They Were In

One day, a young couple was driving through the back roads of Tyrone, Georgia. It was late, about 2 AM and two loved ones were coming home from a friend's wedding in another part of Georgia.

The woman did not like the idea of taking the back road, since it ran not far from a small mental institution, however it was late and she wanted to get home quickly, so she did not complain much although she saw that the Mental Institution's gates were half ripped and broken as if someone has just escaped.

They were silently driving, the woman fading in and out, a little tipsy from the alcohol she had had.

Suddenly, the car made a strange noise from the engine, then halted abruptly. "Not again!" the woman's boyfriend exclaimed. "I'll have to go to town, it's about 2 miles from here. Will you wait in the car while I get help?" "No! Please, you know how scared I am!" She cried. After much arguing, the girl's boyfriend was able to convince her to wait in the car.

She waited 15 minutes then another half an hour. Then when the hour mark came, she began to get really worried. She checked to make sure all the car doors were locked. Then, she saw a figure standing about 5 yards from the car. It was a man who she did not know. He was holding something in his hand, swinging it back and forth. She pressed her face against the glass to see what he was holding, the man then lifted his arm. In his hands was a severed head covered with blood. It was her boyfriend's head with a shocked expression. She couldn't breathe. She didn't make a sound. She felt faint. It's okay she thought. As long as I keep the doors locked.

Then she saw him holding something in his other hand. She squinted, and then he held up that hand. She screamed a bloodcurdling scream. In the killer's hand, were her boyfriend's car keys.

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