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Mar 27, 2010
Sure is confusing
by: Anonymous

If I was the mouse I would tell the cat, "I give up taking your cheese. From now I'd let you enjoy your meal. So you can take you own time to eat the meal".

The cat then decided he can come any time for his meal. But...... what he did not know before he took his time to eat the meal, I lined a small part of the cheese before he ate it. (Now you would want to know where I got the rat poison, eh! The bloody owner let it for me, Stupid!). So when the cat ate the cheese it would make him sick.

So the cat, thinking he would get one over me, implored, "Come on. Let's now be friends. Since you like my cheese, from now on you can have it."

Of course, I told the cat, "Do you think I can trust you?"
I then challenged it, "I do not believe you at all".

The cat with kindness replied, "Alright! I tell you what I will do for you". and continued, "Just so I an not able to just on you if I left the cheese outside here, I will push the cheese in your mouse hole."

So! I still lined the cheese to an area where I recognized it. The very next day the cat did what he said. Put the bloody cheese in my hole.

I made sure before I ate it I cut the poisoned area off. Meanwhile I could hear the cat laughing to himself waiting for the result of my digestion.

After a moment I would pretend with all my sound of vomit.

See! So when the owner would keep on adding the cheese as the cat's delight daily without knowing I got the CHEESE instead.

Now is that not original.

Nov 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

This is hilarious!

Jan 08, 2009
Not funny
by: Anonymous

Personally, I thought it was unorigional and boring. It also annoyed me how you overused the word "cheese" and put it in all caps. I'm not trying to be mean at all, and I'm very sorry if I am. Keep trying, kid. Practice makes perfect!

Jan 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is a story full of mistakes!!!

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