The Mermaid in Lake Palm

by Anna

It was a warm windy night when a couple of my friends and I rented a boat and went out on Lake Palm. There had been stories buzzing through our town that a creature lived in there. Most say it is just a large fish, but others say it is a mermaid. This is what my friends were doing there that night. They were going to prove that it wasn't a mermaid. But I thought it was.

Since I was the only believer in the group they all said that I should be the one to go swimming in the lake. I was afraid, but I agreed. As soon as we got to the deepest part of the lake, they lowered me into the water. This was the part of the lake where all the sightings had occured. No-one had ever seen the details of it because it only came out at night. All they knew was that it had a fish tail. Also, it sang a beautiful, eerie song. I knew this because my grandmother had heard it. My grandmother always told the truth, so I knew it was real.

I felt the cold water rush about my legs. Then it ran up to my elbows and then I felt my head go under. Normally water rushes into your eyes when you go under water, but for some reason I could see everything clearly. The water that had been so dark above the surface was bright and beautiful before me. And as I watched, I could make out a figure moving quickly through the water. It was coming nearer and nearer. I closed my eyes. "Why did I ever agree to this?", I thought. I heard beautiful hummming coming from all around me. Then I lost all consciousness.

I woke up several hours later. I was lying on soft sand and I could hear the trickle of the water by my head. The sky was a bluish purple and the moon was still out. I felt like I was asleep, but I knew I was awake. I turned over to look at my surroundings. I could just make out the figure of a person sitting a couple feet away from me. She had long red hair and big blue eyes. She was beautiful. Suddenly I gasped. She had no legs. Instead, she had a long purple fin. A mermaid! I couldn't believe it. I tried to say hello, but all she did was hum the strange song I had heard the night before. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I could understand what she wanted.

I knew that this was a secret that I could never tell anyone. I nodded and she started to hum again. We sat there for a long time watching the sun rise. Just as dawn began to break, we heard shouts coming from behind us. I could see a group of people coming towards us. The mermaid dove into the water just as the people came.

I saw my friends running to me. They asked me what happened. They had thought I drowned because I stayed under the water so long. I just told them I had seen the fish and they were right. There was no mermaid. They smiled with triumph and left. Just then the mermaid came up from the water and waved. I smiled. The secret was safe.

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