The Masters of Horror

by Eshan S.
(Tokyo, Japan)

New York 1975 - The New Years Eve

I was at the party, hooraying with everyone as the countdown began. “5, 4, 3, 2” Everyone felt silent. “1” and suddenly, there was a big loud noise with everyone screaming their heads off.

What was so great about New Years, I thought to myself. Men jumped into each other, as if it were their first time in a New Year’s party.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of guns being fired. I asked somebody what had happened, but the man said, “Must be some noise people are trying to scare us with,” but I did not have a good feeling about this noise. Suddenly I felt sick. I rushed up to my house which was just across the road. I kept thinking as I was sleeping, what was that noise. Then my eyes closed, and I went to my usual deep sleep.

January 1st 1976

I woke up early morning, with a smell of ugly rotten yucky eggs. It was the neighbor cooking eggs again. I hated eggs, especially Mrs. Gibson’s, which smell horrible, just like a horror story. As expected, the neighbor came up to my house and asked me, “Wanna have some eggs?”
I wanted to shout out a “No,” but I couldn’t because it would make Mrs. Gibson turn into a little beastly women. So instead, I said a simple Yes and a Thank You. As soon as she gave the eggs to me, instead of eating those stinking eggs, I went outside to the public park and dumped them in the stinking trash can. Then I went to shop some clothes in the mall.

At night, I heard the same gun sounds again. “Bam, Bam.” Then a voice came out. “Why did you throw me, Why did you throw me. I shall be bringing the Master of Horror in no less than 30 seconds. HA HA.” I heard my door opening, and here she was, the women who gave me the eggs. She asked me “So do you like the eggs.” I replied automatically “Ar Ar, Yes I did. Ar they were really good.”

“So you really ate them, did you?”

“Ar Yes, Yes I did.”

“So why did the eggs end up in the trash can of the park?”

“I don’t know.” I told her, but I had made a big mistake.

I was scared. Really scared. Mrs. Gibson led me into some rusty scraped taxi car that was in her garage. She drove the car into the scrape yard. “Ha ha!” She laughed. She said a few words in some other language, and five people with magic cloaks came out of a broken bus. Each had a weird shaped transparent ball with them. We shall be punishing you for throwing those eggs, said one of them.

They kicked me and tied me up in a rope. Suddenly it had begun to rain. They left me alone, alone in the darkness of the black thundering night. Luckily, they did not take my mobile phone, so I called the police.

They came up and untied me. I told them about the men in the cloak and Mrs. Gibson. They went up to her house, which I directed them to, but there was somebody else. She explained that she did not even know who Mrs. Gibson was and had no idea what I was talking about. My life was just getting messed up.

January 2nd, 1956

I kept thinking what to do the whole night. I should not have thrown away the eggs. When the sun came up and the moon went down, Mrs. Gibson came back to my house. She didn’t say anything. All she did was grab me and take me back to the same place. Her gang of five people kicked me all together and also punched. They swung me high to the yellow scrappy school bus. Blood was dripping out of my face. That was the time I took action. I punched one of them hard in his face, making him fall down on the floor. The others put their hands inside their black coats, and took something that almost killed me, it was a gun. I ran with all my might, in the direction towards my house.

When I entered inside it, it had turned into a black house instead. There was nothing but deep blackness. Then some kind of blue lights flicked on, and immediately I heard a roaring sound. I turned back and, jumped in fury and shock when I saw it. Mrs. Gibson’s gang was at the side, watching me and laughing out loud. Then they pulled out the transparent ball. One of them chanted some words out, and another one of them came out. What was I going to do? How was I going to defeat those monsters. One of the deadly beasts came running towards me in a dashing speed, but with luck, I was able to dodge it.

Luckily, I had a pocket knife with me. As the other beast came swirling towards me, I took out my knife, and swung it towards the person. Blood was sprayed all over me. I jumped up, and manage to scrape the upper part of the monster’s foot. Then I had a terrific idea. If I keep on doing this, ultimately the monster will die. That was my only hope, even if it would take a long time.

Thirty minutes were over, and I was all covered with blood. I had already broken one of my arms. After fighting for a long time, one of the monsters fell. I stabbed and stabbed my knife on his back, until, he couldn’t move anymore. Suddenly, wind came up to me. I looked back, and the other monster grabbed me with his green ugly hand. He threw me on the ground, and then, I heard a squishing sound. The last thing I heard was the sound of police men coming in the room and arresting the wizards one by one. Slowly I went to sleep.

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