The Maniac

by Mazy pudding pop

One night a girl named Janet stayed home alone. Her parents were out on a well deserved dinner, so they stuck her at the house while they went to go have a lovely afternoon. Of course, Janet wasn't to happy and pleaded her parents to take her with them. When they said no, she stormed up into her room, she didn't even say goodbye.

Her parents tried to tell her something through the door before they left but she blocked her ears. Later that night, Janet decided she would fix dinner for herself. She went downstairs and pulled out a frozen dinner from the freezer. Next, she went to the microwave to defrost it.

While she was waiting for her dinner to defrost she decided to go outside and cool off. She sat out on the swing. She got high enough to be able to see in the kitchen window. On the refrigerator was a sticky note.

She jumped off the swing and ran inside. She read the note, and it read:

"Dear Janet,

we just wanted to tell you that we do not want you to go outside tonight, a maniac escaped from the local hospital and is very dangerous. We have locked the doors. Keep them locked and you should be fine.

Love Mom and Dad."

Janet turned around to find that she left the back door open. She quickly shut the door tight and locked it. The microwave went off and she took out her frozen dinner. She sat on the couch and turned on the TV. There were warning on almost every station about the maniac. Janet became frightened.
She ran around the house and switched on all of the lights.

When she got back to the couch the TV was off and her dinner was splat on the floor. She moaned and went into the kitchen to get some paper-towels. She cleaned up the mess and after a good twenty minutes of trying to get the TV back on, she decided to go to bed. She lay down in bed and turned off the light. She closed her eyes. Than someone whispered in her ear: "Hi sweetheart, how was your dinner?"

The hair on the back of her neck stood on end but she kept her eyes shut. Finally she opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder to find herself face to face with the maniac. She whimpered. Her death was clean and quick..... and very bloody.

You are probably wondering what her parents said through her door before they left, right? Well all they told her to do was to shut her bedroom window, just to be safe.

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