The Man with the Yellow Pants

by Esmeralda and Miriam A.
(Orlando, FL, USA)

ONE sunny morning. AT THE FARM A MEN NAMED THE MEN WITH THE YELLOW PANTS THAT HOW EVERYONE CALLED HIM. Because he always wear the same yellow pants everyday .

THE next morning something special happen.HE got LETTER FROM THE CIRCUS .Telling him that every one could come with the funny yellow pants.HE knew that he loved wearing yellow pants. will the same one. the men with the yellow pants got ready for the tonight show. The time came he was already for the show. They called him every one laugh at him because his yellow pants were really big and he was the only person that was skinning guy in town . He look like a stick. But he end up winning the trophy of the funniest yellow pants. HE was happy and shy at the same time.

Now he knows that has to eat more to fill the pants and never be shy of being skinny men in town.

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