The Man That Wouldn't Go Away

by Hailey Fleishman
(Philadelphia PA)

Once, in a village in Turkey, there lived a very poor family. This family was so poor. Their clothes were 10 years old and they considered hand me downs to be brand new.

One day though, while taking their daily walk through town, they came across and old hermet. This hermet looked at them and followed them through the town's square, but kept his distance. After the frightening experience, the youngest daughter Janet, felt sure that she knew who the hermet was. 'no, it's nothing' she told herself. But she would never know how wrong that thought would be.

The next day, her older sister was babysitting her. All of a sudden, she heard a thump on the floor. She decided to check on her sister because of this noise reoccuring and worrying her. As she went upstairs to where her sister was, she saw Janet lying on the ground, with her hand ducttaped to her hair, and a string attached being pulled up and down. She was dead. On the wall, there was a note. it read:

Dear Janet,

I loved our playdate. It was so much fun. I'm sorry you got a headache and fell asleep, you were having so much fun, that I decided to let you keep doing it. Oh, and say hi to Bri for me.


Daddy and Mommy

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