The Man on the other side of the Fence

There was this street. The street was a very active community full of kids always playing ball in the street. But everyone who lived there knew that there was one house to NEVER go near. Everyone but the new kid.

Tommy Johnson and his family had moved in to their new house not too long ago but he still hadn't "learned the ropes" from other kids until one day he saw they were playing baseball in the street. He greeted them and they kindly let him join.

Tommy was very good at baseball, so good that he hit the ball. He hit it right into... that yard. That yard that had the tall fence, and that house. The house no one dared go near to. "I'll get it!" Tommy yelled, but the other boys ran after him. "No, it's haunted, you'll DIE!" one boy warned. But Tommy didn't believe it.

The fence was so high that even if all the boys got on each others' shoulders they couldn't see over it. Tommy looked through a small hole in the fence. "They say there's a man that lives there, and he eats anyone who goes there." Tommy stopped looking. "I-I can't see anything, all I see is red. The other boys looked and saw red. "The guy must have covered it with some kind of paper" one boy smirked.

Tommy went home and talked to his dad. His dad was into all the paranormal stuff. His Dad told him that a man had died there and that his spirit still dwells there. He also said that anyone who has seen him and lived said his eyes were blood red.

The next day Tommy and the boys went back to the hole and looked in. All they saw was the rocking chair on the porch. And upon the chair was a blood covered baseball.

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Jul 19, 2009
by: sugarlips

the story wasn't that scary but i liked the way you wrote it

Jun 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

so.....the guy was looking back at him. i get that. but who did he eat for the baseball to be bloody?? just asking. i thought your story was truly amazing. it is in my top 3 list!!! keep up the good work!!

(if there were 6 stars, thats what i'd give you!)

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