The Man On Facebook.

by Becks

Jane And Georgia Where 2 Best Friends And Georgia Was Sleeping At Janes House And Janes Mum Had Popped Out To The Supper Market. They Where Alone In The House And Wernt Scared, They Where Both 13 And They Went On There Facebook And Where Looking For Boys To Add Because They Where Both Single.

They Thought It Would Be A Good Laugh To Add This 1 Ugly Man And Say They Where Older And He Was Very Attractive And They Wernt Aware Of The Dangers Of This Event.

He Asked Them If They Had A Msn And Cam And They Said Yes So He Asked For There Msn And He Added Them They Where Messing About Wwith Him Then He Asked Them How Old They Where And They Said They Where 25 And He Said No Your Not You Are 13. And They Where Quite Shocked But Thought He Just Guessed... And Then There Was 1 Thing That Freaked Them Out It Was That He Asked Them How There Sleep Over Was And Was That Beans On Toast Nice And That Was The Exsact Meal They Had.

He Said He Had Been Watching Them So They Got Really Scared And Called Both There Mums And The Land Line Was Dead. All The Lights Down Stairs Went Off And Suddenly Jane Wasnt Sitting On The Computer Chair. Georgia Suddenly Screamed At The Top Of Her Lungs And Shouted For Help. Every Light 1 By 1 Went Of Untill It Got To Janes Bed Room Georgia Was Hiding Under Then Bed Crying Then Jane Walks In Laughing ... Then Georgia Says Its Not Funny And Goes Down Stairs To Watch The Tv.

Jane Is Upstairs On Her Own Flirting With The Boy On Msn Because The Man Said He Was 13 Too. He Said He Justed Moved In A Copple Blocks Away From Her Road. Sshe Beileved Him And Carried On Talking To Him He Sent Her A Request For Her Web Cam. She Accepted It And He Was Saying She Was Beautyfull And She Asked For Him To Put His On And He Accepted And He Was About 40 And He Said GOT CHA!

She Let Out A Sreak. He Said I,m Going To Make My Way Over To Your House Right Now And By The Way I Like Your Pj's Do You Like Me2u Bears? And She Was Screaming Shouting Georgia.. Georgia Went Up Quickly And Showed Her The Convosation But It Was Blank Then Georgia Said Stop Messing Aaround Now Its Not Funny!!! And Georgia Went Back Down Stairs..

Jane Turned Around And The Man Was There. She Let Out Another Scream Crying Shouting Georgia And Georgia Didnt Listen Because She Thought It Was Another Joke. Georgia Got Tierd And Came Back Upstairs And She Went To Lye Down Next To Jane And She Said Night Jane! And Jane Didnt Reply And The Georgia Sat Up And Was Tugging Her And Her Head Rolled Round And There Was Blood All Over.

Georgia Screamed And Ran Out Of The Bed.. Janes Stomack Had Been Ripped Out And A Me2u Teddy Bear Was Replaced There Soon Enough Janes Mum Came Home And Found Out.

The Police Investagated and Didnt Seem To Find Anythink. Georgia Had Gone Home Aand Was Safe There Was No More Sleep Overs For Georgia.. Now Georgia Spends Every Day With Her Mum Doing Activitys With Her Making Sure Her Mum Always No's Wwhere She Is.

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