The mad man in the dark

by Lauren Gravell

It was one dark night, and the darkness was like a big sheet of black silk hanging over Northrepps, the snow fell like raindrops above the night’s sky. But over the forest hung a big black thunder cloud, it was only hovering over the forest.

James and Robert were driving home from a long week army training camp.

Robert was happily sitting in the passenger seat and in the driver seat was Roberts’s best friend James. James was eating a big Mac hamburger and listening to his iPod, and every time Robert tried to speak to him, he would turn up his iPod louder.

When Robert was looking out of the window, there was a loud knocking on the top of the car, after it stopped the car started to swirl of the road.

After a while, the car had stopped, they were both stuck, they turned on the radio and heard that there was a mass murderer on the lose, apparently he had escaped from prison and was around this area.

They got out of the car and saw that they had hit something, Robert and James went over and saw a creature laying on the ground, or maybe it wasn’t a creature it was a human, he was dressed in rags and his t shirt was covered in blood, his face the most horrible thing you can look at.

It was covered in scratches and scars his ear was cut off and his left eye was savaged.

They only had one glance, and then he was gone.

What was that creature, they both thought?

The car could still run so James turned the engine on and the car steadily moved. They both looked on the petrol sign and the petrol tank was very low they knew that it might not last that long.

The car finally stopped, James went out and said that he would try and find a house or phone so he ran off into the bushes, with James out of the car, Robert was scared.

10 minutes later, there was the same banging there was earlier, this time it was louder like it was being hit by a hard object, and couple of minutes later, Robert saw strange white bright lights in the distance, police lights.

Then a police man came out of the car, he was holding a microphone, he shouted down it saying “ stay calm, please turn on the engine and close the windows and doors and lock everything up” Robert thought “what” and undid everything he stood out of the car and saw ……………………………….

A mad man, the same man that they had run over, this time he was covered in even more blood and holding James head he must have been banging with it. At that moment he fainted and fell to the floor.

He woke up in his home and heard that the mad man was not caught. Robert was very unstable and after a matter of weeks he took his own life by stabbing himself in the face and heart.

10 years later, on the news there was another murder but this time it was the mad man murder. So was it him who murdered James, we will never know.

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