The locked Room

by Bashirah

The little girl Lulu was home all day with the babysitter. When her parents came home she wanted to go outside but her parents said no. She went into the kitchen, she heard a noise upstairs. She went upstairs to check on the noise.

The noise got louder as she approached a locked room in her house. She asked her parents about the locked room. Her parents said the room has been locked since they moved in a month ago and they were never given the key. She told her parents that she heard noises in the lock room. Her parents said they will get a locksmith first thing in the morning.

That night Lulu began to hear more noise coming from the room. She was too anxious to wait until the morning for the lock smith. She got a pointing object to break into the room. When she went to break into the room the door was unlock.

Lulu went into the room. Lulu parents were awaken by a loud scream. They went to Lulu’s room but did not see her. They heard the scream again coming from the locked room. Her parents tried everything to open the door but could not open the door.

Right then the locksmith showed up. He manage to open the door, the parents pushed him a side and ran in room. They saw blood leading to a closet. When they open the closet they saw their daughters pajamas soaked in blood.

No one knows what happen to Lulu but every night since that night Lulu’s parents hear screams coming from the locked room.

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