The Living Troll!

by Nicole P
(San Diege, CA)

There once was a castle long ago that lived a Prince. This prince was no ordinary prince. He was the strongest prince in the land. He worked out EVERY day 10 hours a day! But that was not the proudest thing he thought about himself, it was that he was the most attractive prince in the whole country!

On the day of a big party his mom, the Queen, was going to host, she asked him to go out into the woods and pick some apples for her.

"They are for the huge apple pie I am going to make for the party!" The Queen said to her son. "OK", said the Prince. He took the basket from his mother and headed into the woods to pick the apples. Right after he started picking, he turned around and saw the most beautiful maiden he had ever seen, but he was WAY to shy to talk to her. He slowly picked the apples until the basket was full and went back to the castle.

"Hi Mom" he said, "here are the apples you asked for. I can pick some more if you want me to." "Oh that would be great!" So the Prince went back into the woods with the basket, but he did not go into the woods to pick more apples, he went to see the beautiful maiden again.

The maiden's back was turned and so he had to get her attention somehow... he was about to say something to her when a HUGE troll came charging up in front of her.

"Run!" He yelled. She turned to him confused and then when he pointed to the troll in front of her, she screamed loudly. She looked really scared. With a HUGE swing, he cut off the troll's head and it landed in front of the maiden.

"Oh my gosh! You saved my life!" She exclaimed. They were about to hug when the head magically floated up in the air and laughed at them. Then it said, "You can run but you can't hide! I will KILL you!"

At this, the prince and the maiden ran so fast that they could not see where they were going. The Prince finally looked back and the head was close behind them. Then he stopped and bravely faced the troll's head with the maiden still running behind him. He tried to slice the head in half but right when he touched it he felt pain on his arm. He looked down and saw a cut beginning to form where he felt the pain! He tried to cut the head again but right when he touched the head he felt pain now on his leg! When he looked there another cut was beginning to form.

He was very confused and every time he tried to slice the head he got another cut on his body. Soon he was covered in cuts from head to toe and he finally gave up and died.

The head was just getting started. He was off to the Prince's castle where the party was getting started. He did the same thing to the guards and they died too and soon the whole castle was dead.


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